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Importance Of Drain Line Maintenance

Importance of Drain Line Maintenance Think about what goes down your drains every day. When you wash dishes, different grease and food particles get washed down the drained when you shower, hair, soap, and dirt make their way through your home's plumbing system. If...

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Clogged Drains – What Can Go Down The Drain

Is it okay for coffee grounds to go down the kitchen sink or hair down the shower drain? These might seem like easy questions, but not knowing the answer can form complicated drain-cleaning problems. Here are a few tips on avoiding clogged drains by preventing certain...

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Hear Why Our Customers Choose Us..

I've been very happy working with Daniels Plumbing in Son. Quality general plumbing as well full construction residentials and commercial.
Nick C.
I had a leak under the bathroom sink. It seemed to come and go. Daniel's sent Manuel, a nice guy. He did a thorough, efficient job. Also fixed the hand...
Roger A.
Fast friendly service. Miguel came out and took care of our clogged sewer pipes.
Keven is Really HONEST and a professional plumber!! I am recommending Daniels Plumbing & Son Best Long Beach Plumber Company to anyone!
WordPress S.
Plumberings we're quick and professional. Thank you
Maria V P.
We've used Daniels before and they have always done excellent work.
Gregory V.
Great job. These guys followed up on my request, scheduled and appointment and were right on time. They were friendly, respectful and courteous. They fixed...
Matt D.
The plumbers at Daniel's were very quick to get back to me after I had trouble with a toilet left running.
Nancy S.
Plumber was ontime and courteous. Fixed the clogged drain quickly and the office sent a text to pay bill. I will definelty use again!
Michele C.
Quick response, trustworthy, good prices, and overall a great licensed plumbing company. Keep up the great work!!!
Leslie K.
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