New Construction Plumbing

With over 30 years of experience, Daniels Plumbing & Son is a leading new construction plumbing company in San Diego and Long Beach. Our family-owned company has been delivering high-quality plumbing solutions for builders throughout San Diego County and Long Beach. We work with dozens of general contractors and home builders every year and look forward to joining your team. With Daniels Plumbing & Son, you can rest assured that we have the experience to deliver quality results on your project.

Types of New Construction Plumbing

Multi-Family Plumbing Solutions

We specialize in large-scale building projects like multi-family dwellings, including apartments, condominiums, mixed-use buildings, student housing, low-income residential complexes, age-restricted housing, and more.

Our multi-dwelling plumbing solutions include specialty designs for walk-in tub systems, full multi-stall bathrooms, unisex and family bathrooms, service kitchens, large-scale laundry rooms, and more.

Single Family Home Plumbing Experts

Our history with large- and small-scale single family home plumbing projects in Long Beach and San Diego County is legendary. With our Daniel’s Plumbing & Son management approach, no matter how big or small your home building project is, our quality inspection service delivers quality plumbing installation that your clients will love for years and years. For over 30 years, we have kept your home buyers happy, which means an enhanced reputation for you among the home-buying community.

Commercial Plumbing Pros

With hundreds of commercial plumbing projects under our belts, Daniels Plumbing & Son is the leader in commercial plumbing projects in Long Beach and San Diego. Our 30 years of commercial plumbing experience covers projects as varied as churches, hospitals, restaurants, medical buildings, schools, warehouses, office buildings, industrial plants, shopping centers, and more. We are fully aware that no two projects are the same, and that’s why our philosophy delivers high-quality results every time.

Design Build Saves You Time and Money

Our design-build team builds upon the expertise learned in our 30+ years of installing plumbing systems in all types of buildings throughout San Diego County. Our personnel has developed a seamless system for designing and implementing plumbing construction while finishing the final design elements. In addition, our longtime relationships with consulting engineers and knowledge of national and local codes will enable you to initiate construction far earlier than most projects while ensuring your project will have a quality plumbing system that meets all requirements – all at a competitive cost.

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