Clogged Drains – What Can Go Down The Drain

Clogged Drains – What Can Go Down The Drain

Is it okay for coffee grounds to go down the kitchen sink or hair down the shower drain? These might seem like easy questions, but not knowing the answer can form complicated drain-cleaning problems. Here are a few tips on avoiding clogged drains by preventing certain items and substances from going down your kitchen and bathroom drains. If you experience frequent and recurring drain clogs and plumbing problems, it’s time for a drain inspection by Daniel’s Plumbing & Son!

Kitchen Sink Disposal

Things you CAN put down your drains:

  • Coffee (without the grounds)
  • Milk, juice, tea
  • Almost any other liquid substance

It would be best to keep food and grease from going down the kitchen drain. It is not a garbage disposal. It is okay to dump coffee without the grounds, milk, juice, tea, or anything you drink that is liquid down the kitchen sink. Occasionally, flush your drains with boiling water to help prevent future drain clogs.

Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Kitchen Drain?

No, coffee grounds do not dissolve in water. Therefore, you should refrain from pouring them down your kitchen or any other drain in your home. Coffee grounds are one of the main reasons kitchen drains and garbage disposals get clogged!

How To Unclog A Drain With Coffee Grounds

Like any plumbing emergency, unclogging your sink is best left to a professional at Daniel’s Plumbing & Son. If you’re dealing with a minor clog, here are the directions to get the coffee grounds out with a household plunger:

  1. Partially fill the sink with water (preferably warm)
  2. Plug the drain in the other sink with a drain stop
  3. Position the plunger cup directly over the clogged drain
  4. Push down and pull up until you loosen the coffee grounds

What Can Go Down the Shower Drain?

We recommend you clean the hair out of your shower and drain each time you wash your hair or shave your body. The same goes for your bathroom sinks and drains. Remove the trapped hair, and you will be one step closer to preventing a clog. Most of the time, liquid soaps, shower gels, and shampoo are not a problem; however, if you experience soap buildup in your shower drain, pour boiling water down the drain. Bar soap is the only exception to this rule: The solid, small pieces of bar soap could cause future problems if you don’t clean them out thoroughly.

Dissolve Hair Clogs From Drains

Harsh toxic chemicals should be your last choice if you’re experiencing a clogged drain from hair buildup. However, you may try this home remedy if you cannot reach the drain to remove the hair clog. First, pour one cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Then, let it fizz for a few minutes and then rinse the drain with hot water. If the clog persists, it may be time to call Daniel’s Plumbing & Son for professional drain cleaning.

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